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Common Questions

  • NCCA is a free, public, online charter school serving students in grades K-12 who reside in North Carolina. 

  • It is a full time school which means that students may not be enrolled in any other North Carolina schools.  

  • Families need consistent internet access since lessons are completed online.  

  • Every student must have a parent or designated adult at home to serve as their Learning Coach. 

  • State-certified teachers work alongside Learning Coaches to guide students through a curriculum that is aligned to North Carolina Essential Standards and is NCAA approved. 

  • NCCA students must complete all North Carolina educational requirements including meeting attendance hours and participating in state required testing.  

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What is NCCA?
  • NCCA has both synchronous and asynchronous parts of the school day

  • Students work independently on coursework that is completed asynchronously during the day with flexibility in the time it is completed (with all assignments required to be completed by the end of the day in which they are assigned). 

  • Students also participate synchronously in daily Live Learning sessions in a virtual classroom with their teacher(s).  These sessions provide large group class instruction and/or small group and one-on-one help sessions.  

  • While there is flexibility in student schedules, NCCA can require live classes for students working below grade level or who need more direct guidance from their teacher.  

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Are students required to be online during specific times of day?
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  • Visit the NCCA website and follow the posted directions under the Enrollment tab.

  • Most students start at the beginning of a semester (either August or mid-January). 

  • NCCA allows late enrollments for a limited time during each semester.  After the enrollment period for a semester ends, a student’s enrollment will be held to the following semester.

  • Reminder: all students must stay enrolled at their current school until the caretaker has received an official enrollment date from NCCA which will be sent after all paperwork has been submitted and approved.  If a student is withdrawn from their current school before being officially enrolled at NCCA, they could be considered truant in North Carolina.  

When can my student enroll at NCCA?
  • Students start the day by logging into their program and preparing for the assignments and Live Learning sessions they have that day.

  • After previewing their schedule for the day, students work asynchronously on their daily lessons, attending Live Learning sessions when the time arises.  

  • All students are expected to work on 6 hours of school work each day to meet North Carolina school attendance requirements.

  • Learning Coaches support their student and monitor their progress.  The level of direct support required of the Learning Coach will vary depending on the grade and maturity level of each student.  

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What does a typical day look like?
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What does NCCA provide each student?
Does NCCA have special education services?
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  • NCCA is a 1-1 technology initiative school providing each student a laptop to use while attending NCCA

  • While most coursework is completed online, students in younger grades and certain middle or high school courses will receive any ancillary materials that go along with their online coursework.

  • NCCA provides services for special education students as well as services for Gifted/Talented students.

  • If a student has an IEP, 504 or LEP plan from a previous school, caretakers should indicate that during enrollment and provide a copy of all applicable paperwork.  

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