Attendance FAQ

North Carolina Compulsory Attendance Law (NC General Statutes - Chapter 115C Article 26) requires that NCCA students attend school the equivalent of 6 hours each regular school day, based on a 5 day school week (30 hours per week) which would meet the state’s requirements of 1,025 hours of instruction per school year. Attendance hours worked on non-school days (weekends, holidays) may count into the required 30 hours per week. Note that these are the minimum hours required by the state and that students are responsible for mastering all material, which may require additional time.  More information about how attendance is measured in the Edgenuity learning management system can be found in the school handbook. 

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How many hours per day are students required to work?

Attendance hours may include the following components:

          -Assigned coursework and assessments

          -Attendance at Live Learning and help lessons

          -Completing testing requirements such as benchmark

            tests, reading assessments and state testing

          -Completing work in teacher-assigned programs for

            students who need additional help


Parents are encouraged to involve their children in supplemental educational experiences, however, students are still required to complete their daily coursework in each course each day.  Supplemental experiences cannot be in place of daily coursework.

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What activities count toward attendance hours?
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It is important to remember that NCCA is a full-time public education program.  Vacation days are allocated similarly to days received in a traditional brick and mortar school. Students are allocated vacation days based on the number of weekdays in the school calendar that are marked as non-school days/holidays/vacation. If a student plans on being out on a regular school day, the student will need to work ahead in their courses to ensure they remain on track. Vacation time will not be approved during state testing windows.

Do students get vacation days?

For NCCA students, attendance is measured by their active participation in each course. Students must complete at least 5% of each semester course per week (1% per day). This is the expected equivalent of 6 hours each regular school day, based on a 5 day school week. If a student is not able to complete their assigned work on a particular school day, the student should work on other days, such as the weekend, in order to make up for the missed instructional time.  Not making up hours is considered an unexcused absence. Unexcused absences may subject a student to disciplinary action, truancy, and may also lead to formal withdrawal from the school. Parents/guardians may also be subject to investigation by local social services agencies based on North Carolina law.

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When are students considered "absent" in virtual school?
What if my student does not complete all their work each day?
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NCCA courses are designed to be completed during a student’s 6 hour school day. Depending on grade level and academic abilities, it may be necessary for students to spend additional time during the day completing work.  Work not completed on a school day will become overdue the following day and could negatively affect a student’s grade so it is important for students to stay on track.  If students are consistently making progress during their daily 6 hours of school and still do not finish their work on a regular basis, they should contact their teacher to discuss strategies and resources to help them in their courses.