Enrollment FAQ

Students who reside in North Carolina are eligible for admission at NCCA. If you do not live in North Carolina but are moving here in the near future, your student will be eligible once you establish residency.  NCCA is a full-time program and students may not be concurrently enrolled in another public school.  NCCA enrolls school-age students, as defined by the NC Department of Public Instruction. This includes students from the age of 5 through 21. To enroll in kindergarten, children must meet the age requirements of their resident school district. Information on maximum age requirements can be found in the NCCA Student Handbook.

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Who can enroll at NCCA?

Visit the NCCA website at myNCCA.com and follow the posted directions. Families can also call the Enrollment Department at 1-888-846-2998.

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How do I enroll my student at NCCA?
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Yes. As a public charter school, NCCA must meet the same special education requirements as traditional public schools.  The NCCA Special Education department will work with students to meet the requirements of their applicable plan. 

Are students with special education plans, such as an IEP or 504 plan, able to enroll?

Most students start at the beginning of a semester (either August or mid-January).  NCCA allows late enrollments for a limited time during each semester.  After the enrollment period for a semester ends, a student’s enrollment will be held to the following semester Reminder: all students must stay enrolled at their current school until the caretaker has received an official enrollment date from NCCA which will be sent after all paperwork has been submitted and approved.  If a student is withdrawn from their current school before being officially enrolled at NCCA, they could be considered truant in North Carolina. 

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When can my student start at NCCA?
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What documents are required for enrollment?

A list of documents needed for enrollment can be found under 'About NCCA' then chick the 'Enrollment' tab.  Families of high school students will also need their student's most current official school transcript showing credits earned in high school.