State Testing FAQ

As a charter school with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, it is mandatory for NCCA Students to attend face-to-face testing sessions, a requirement from the North Carolina State Board of Education.  A specific list of which courses have a required state test can be found in the NCCA Student Handbook.

North Carolina does not have an opt out policy for state testing.  State Board policy ACCT-021 requires all students enrolled in a school to participate in the state assessment program.  Failure to participate in state testing may result in a student being administratively withdrawn from NCCA.  Failure to participate in these assessments may also negatively impact the future of NCCA as a school of choice for students in North Carolina.  NCCA has a specific testing rate that we must meet in order to avoid punitive action by the State.  Parents and students need to understand how important testing is for our future operation as a charter school. 

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Is attending face-to-face state testing required?

Some required tests such as benchmark testing, some high school exams, and other general assessments are taken at home by students as part of their general course curriculum.  The state required tests listed in the student handbook must be taken in-person and there is no option to take them online.  

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Do students have to attend in person or can the tests be taking online?
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Caretakers are responsible for providing transportation for all required face-to-face testing.  The testing calendar is published at the beginning of the school year to allow time for caretakers to make arrangements for their students to have transportation to testing.  If someone other than the caretaker will be bringing the student to testing, the caretaker should provide written documentation to the site administrator.

What if I can't drive my student to the test site?

NCCA is required to offer one testing site in each of the 8 NC School Board Education Districts across the state.  NCCA generally utilizes 12 sites in an attempt to provide families with more options for testing locations. These sites are dependent on student population concentrations and are generally in major cities.  Parents will be given the opportunity to choose which testing site their student will attend.  While the school tries to limit the distance a family is required to travel to under 60 miles, families may have to travel further depending on their location.

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Where does testing take place?
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When does testing take place?
What if my student does not attend testing?
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The NCCA School Calendar is published in the Student Handbook and available on the website showing testing date windows.  Specific testing days, times, and locations will be provided closer to the test dates.  The dates for state testing are set by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and there are no options for makeup testing outside of the testing window.  

Failure to participate in State Testing may result in a student being administratively withdrawn from NCCA. The required state assessments are part of regular participation in academic courses for students.  North Carolina state law details that NCCA may withdraw students that fail to regularly participate in courses. NCCA takes these assessments, and the valuable information they provide, very seriously and expect students/families to do so as well. Families should schedule personal activities outside of the state required testing dates.