Techincal FAQ

NCCA is a 1-1 technology initiative school providing each student a laptop to use while attending NCCA or students may choose to use their own personal computer. Each family will need to secure their own Internet service provider. In certain cases, based on financial need or other circumstances, NCCA may provide a stipend to offset the cost of the Internet service. This determination will take place during the enrollment process.

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Do students need to have their own computer to attend NCCA?
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Who do we contact if we are having technical issues with the Edgenuity learning management system (software issues within Edgenuity)?

Families can contact the School Help Desk at 1-888-846-2998 for technical assistance.

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Who do we contact if we are having technical issues with the school computer?
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If my student has a question about a lesson in their course, who should they contact?

Your student should start by contacting their course teacher who can help determine if their question is about the course material or if there is a technical issue that can be sent to the student help desk.

Families can contact Edgenuity Customer Support at 877-202-0338.