Learning Coach Tips

Becoming the Learning Coach for a virtual learner is a new experience for most parents. NCCA wants to help Learning Coaches create a successful learning environment, making the transition to online school a positive one.  

The Role of the Learning Coach

Learn more about the role of the Learning Coach in supporting their student during virtual learning.

Helping My Student

Even the most successful online learners need help from their Learning Coach.  Here are some ways you can help your student succeed at NCCA.

Creating Successful Schedules and Routines

Students are more successful when they have structure and the security of a planned sequence of events during the school day. 

Setting Students Up for Success

Some students need a little extra encouragement and guidance from their Learning Coach.  Here are some tips to help set your student up for success in online learning. 

Learning Spaces

One of the important aspects of student learning when attending school online is creating an effective learning environment.