NCCA Launches Lunch Buddies Program!

At NCCA, we serve students experiencing homelessness, students in foster care, teen parents, working students, independent students, and low-income families. Unfortunately, the state has not yet recognized the needs of students in full-time virtual school settings. Therefore, our students and families were not eligible for state benefits such as the "P-EBT Program. As inquiries began to arise about the P-EBT program and knowing that NCCA does not meet the state requirements, NCCA wanted to create an alternative option for our families to access food in their communities.  The idea of the NCCA Lunch Buddies Program was born.

The NCCA Lunch Buddies program serves as a resource guide for all NCCA students and families to locate food resources in their community.  I reached out to the Summer Meals Program Coordinator for the state, Cynthia Ervin.  She helped to connect me with community partners in each county that could serve meals to our students and their families. A mass email was sent to these community partners by NCCA, and the response was overwhelming.

We are now partnered with 80 agencies and local school districts across the state to ensure that NCCA  families have access to food in their local communities from now until August 2021 (Date is subject to change).  We hope to continue this program into the 2021-2022 school year.


How does it work? 

Simply click on the link to your county of residence and see what's available. Be sure to read all links and information thoroughly.


Here are a few tips about the NCCA Lunch Buddies Document:

  • The "NCCA Lunch Buddies Document" is constantly being updated, so check as often as you can!

  • Each county has different requirements for providing services.

  • Some counties may show "Information Coming Soon" this means that we have not yet set up services in your county and are still working on it. However, NCCA has excellent social workers with many resources to assist you and your family. So by clicking on the link within the slide, you can submit a request and your school social worker will contact you with resources.

  • If you have any questions or issues with receiving services in your county, use the "Issue Reporting Ticket" link at the very top of the Lunch Buddies Document to report any issues or concerns.