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  1. So you are in the Lottery. Now what? - The Lottery will take place May 1st at 3PM. Students and parents are not required to be in attendance. Students will be ranked in numerical order once the lottery has taken place and will be notified by our enrollment team as spaces become available.
  2. When should I be expecting to get an answer? - Potential students and parents will be notified of their placement within the week following the lottery.
  3. How will I be informed? - Students and parents selected during the lottery will be notified via email by the NCCA enrollment team.
  4. Is there anything I should do in the meantime? - In preparation for enrollment, parents should gather proof of NC residency documents, proof of age of students, report cards/transcripts (academic history), health assessment forms for students new to public schools, and immunization records.
  5. Do I get a second chance, if I don’t get selected? - If students are not selected during the lottery, they will be placed on a waiting list and will be notified by the NCCA enrollment team as spaces become available. 
  6. What if someone else drops out? - If families elect not to attend, students will be removed from the wait list as spaces become available and will be notified by the NCCA enrollment team.
  7. What else do I need to know about NCCA? - NCCA is a public charter school in North Carolina. It is an institution filled with great students, staff, school leaders and community members committed to doing what is best for all of our students.

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