The Role of the Learning Coach

A Learning Coach is a responsible adult who is at home with a student on a daily basis to monitor their progress and assist them in meeting school requirements.

Helping a Student

A Learning Coach is most often a parent, but could be any reliable adult at home with the student during the school day.  

The Learning Coach is more than just a “parent” and will take on a much more involved role than often found in a traditional brick and mortar school.  They are a key piece of a student’s educational team and should have a good understanding of the learning management program, be comfortable with technology to help their student when needed, and have the availability to speak with teachers and school staff on a regular basis to discuss student progress. 

The role of the Learning Coach will change from elementary school to middle and high school.  Elementary students will need more direct involvement to help them work through their lessons and maintain their daily schedule.  As students move to middle school and eventually high school, the amount of independent work increases and the Learning Coach takes on more of a mentor role.


The Learning Coach should expect to do the following on a regular basis:

  • Create (or help your student create) a daily plan to complete lessons and attend Live Learning sessions

  • Work alongside your student to monitor the completion of lessons

  • Read and respond to email/phone communication from teachers/staff

  • Record accurate daily attendance hours

  • Engage your student in discussions about their work

  • Help your student communicate with teachers if they struggle

  • Ensure your student attends Live Learning and required supplemental online sessions

  • Help your student work with their teacher on a plan to catch up if they fall behind

  • Help your student prepare for and attend required in-person state testing

  • Motivate your student and help them understand NCCA is a school and it is important even when they may not feel like working

Student Doing Homework