How to Share NCCA With Others

Looking to share NCCA with other families? Here are some examples of statements or conversation starters.



  • As a military family, we have moved (insert number of times you have moved). We are so grateful for NC Cyber Academy since they have provided my son/daughter with (insert adjectives). – ex: stability and consistency

  • The schools near our military base did not provide our child/children with the advanced education we were looking for. At NC Cyber Academy our child (insert favorite part about NC Cyber Academy)

  • Living on a military base, my child (insert what your child lacks). At NC Cyber Academy, my child learns from a diverse group of staff and students which gives him/her the opportunity to grow culturally.

As a military family, we have moved 5 times. We are so grateful for NC Cyber Academy since


  • I tried homeschooling my child but due to other commitments (Customize…insert reasons why you couldn’t) I couldn’t devote the time that was needed so I decided to enroll my child in NC Cyber Academy.

  • Homeschooling prevented my child from making new friends. Now at NC Cyber Academy my son/daughter … (insert a friend's name and what they bond over) – ex: my son has bonded over superhero movies with his new friend Michael.

  • Homeschooling took away (insert reasons homeschooling did not work) ex: from my parent–child relationship with my son/daughter. At NC Cyber Academy, we love our child’s ability to learn from a group of amazing teachers while anywhere in the world.




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