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Military Family Resources

North Carolina has the 4th largest military presence in the United States and is home to over 52,000 school-age military connected students. This includes many students at NCCA!  We are honored to serve the children of military service members and are committed to meeting their unique educational and social-emotional needs.

Military - Connected Excused Absences

In order to ensure that we support both the student’s academic and emotional needs, we have provided the following guidance for students of active duty service members in compliance with N.C.G.S. § 115C-407.5 - Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children. Prior approval is required for extended absences including post deployment absences. Leave forms or other documentation may be required to verify the reason for the absence.


  • Students whose active duty parent, step-parent, or guardian is serving in an overseas deployment may be given an excused absence for the day of the deployment, day of the redeployment, and up to 5 days post deployment. 

  • Military students requesting excused absences for a military-connected event must have pre-approval for absence, be in good academic standing, have a prior record of good attendance, missed work is completed and turned in within the school’s allotted time period, and absence is not during standardized testing dates.

  • Additional situations that may warrant an excused absence for military students in good standing include but are not limited to: promotion ceremony, retirement ceremony, identification card (ID) renewal/initial issue, memorial services, and unit functions.

NCCA has developed an Inbound/Outbound Checklist to assist with families transitioning. Families can also refer to the MCEC Quick Checklist.

 The Interstate Compact for Educational Opportunity for Military Children addresses the challenges military children face when navigating frequent relocations and new schools. It allows for uniform treatment as military children transfer between school districts in member states. All 50 states have adopted the Compact through legislation.

The EFMP helps service members with managing the special needs of a family member.  Special needs can be any diagnosed physical, intellectual, or emotional need that requires specialized medical or education services.

24/7 access to FREE online tutoring and homework help for military members and their families.  Tutors available in more than 50 subjects K-12 .

Counselors are available to meet with military children and their families and  also support camps that create a safe and fun environment where children and teens can learn how to put their military-life strengths to use in their everyday lives.

A free online tool that helps parents of military-connected children to prepare for the frequent school moves and other unique stressors of a military lifestyle that could adversely affect their academic success.  

provides resilience training to military children, families, and couples. North Carolina FOCUS sites include MCB Camp Lej eune, MCAS Cherry Point, and MCAS New River. FOCUS services are also available via the virtual TeleFOCUS program. To learn more about the TeleFOCUS program, or to set up an appointment, contact:703.784.0189 or

Dr. Maggie Bush

Military Family District Liaison

(984) 208 - 7125

Twala Timmons

Middle School Liaison

(984) 208 - 6703

Janice Harris

Elementary School Liaison

(984) 217 - 4199

Mackenzie Thomas

High School Liaison

(984) 217 - 4176

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