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Transitioning to an Online School

Transitioning to a new type of school is a big change for a family.  Most current NCCA families would agree that it takes several weeks for everyone to adjust to new schedules, routines and family expectations.  Start by establishing a daily routine for your family, but know that this routine is likely to change as you and your student become more comfortable and learn more about what works and what doesn’t work for your household.

As a Learning Coach, you will need to be much more involved in your student’s daily routines when first starting virtual school.  Depending on your student’s age and maturity, you may find that as your student becomes more comfortable with online learning, you will begin to increase their independence in their daily work.


Keeping your student on track and focused on the expectations of their courses, as well as your expectations of them as an online learner is essential.  At a brick and mortar school, students experience rules and routines throughout the school day.  The same should apply to your student’s virtual school day.  Clear expectations, rules, and systems at home help prevent distractions, keep students on task, and avoid conflict that will arise when school work is not completed and motivation runs out.

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Create a family plan to set your student up for success.  As a family, talk about shared goals and expectations and what might happen if these expectations are not met.  Discuss your child’s role in online schooling along with your role as their Learning Coach, which can look different from your role as their parent.  Be prepared to adjust to being around each other more than you may be used to.  


As questions arise, ask for guidance from your student’s teacher(s), school staff, and even other Learning Coaches.  Take advantage of school and teacher resources and find ways to connect with others in your community that attend NCCA through field trips and by attending school events.

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