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Tuition Free K-12 Education

North Carolina Cyber Academy is one of two statewide virtual charter schools in North Carolina.

NCCA follows the standard North Carolina approved curriculum and is approved by the State Board of Education. What sets us apart from other schools is our ability to provide a personalized, quality education that meets the needs of families seeking alternatives to traditional brick and mortar environments.

High school students’ schedules will be finalized based upon their most recent transcript. If a high school student withdraws before the close of the semester, the student must wait until the following semester to be considered for re-enrollment.

Required Enrollment Documents

New Students

New Students looking to enroll for the 2024 – 2025 school year, the following documents are required during the enrollment process:

  1. Proof of Residency 

  2. Birth Certificate 

  3. Immunization Records

  4. Student/Parent Policy Acknowledgement for the following policies:

  5. North Carolina Health Form

  6. For students enrolling in grades K - 8:
    Most recent full Report Card.
    For student enrolling in grades 9-12:
    Complete Official Transcript detailing earned/potential credits, final course grades, and GPA points awarded for each course.

  7. Attendance Records

Returning Students

Current NCCA students looking to return for the 2024 – 2025 term must complete the following documents:

  1. Updated Proof of Residency 

  2. Student/Parent Policy Acknowledgement for the following policies:

Top 10 reasons families choose NCCA:

  1. Need more flexibility than a traditional school environment

  2. Have been a victim of bullying

  3. Need to learn at a faster or slower pace

  4. Enjoy family involvement in curriculum and student progress

  5. Haven’t fit in at traditional schools

  6. Participate in professional sports

  7. Have careers in the arts that require extensive travel

  8. Want a customizable learning experience

  9. Looking for a wide range of advanced learning options

  10. Seeking social opportunities outside the virtual experience


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