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Canvas Learning Management System

NCCA utilizes a variety of technology tools and software programs to successfully deliver personalized instruction to every student.

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Canvas is NCCA's Learning Management System (LMS) that houses all the content for student's courses

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Parent login url for Canvas is different than for students, so please pay close attention to which url is being use.


Classlink Launchpad

The Classlink Launchpad is the place to begin each day as it houses all applications and links utilized by students at NCCA.

Setting up a Canvas Observer (Parent) Account

Step 1

Student generates pairing code

  1. Student must log in to their Canvas account at using their School issued Google account credentials

    1. Students can access their Google accounts by following these steps: 

    2. Go to

    3. Enter their school issued Google Email address
      The format for the email address is 
      For example, a student with the name Ariel Anderson would have the email address
      There are no hyphens, spaces, accents, or special punctuation in students emails. If a student has the same name as another student who is currently enrolled, the year of birth is added to the end of the last name. 

    4. Password for first time logins is a students date of birth in the format m/d/yyyy with no leading zeroes on the month or day and a four digit year.
      For example, a student with a birthday of April 9, 2013 would have a first time password of 4/9/2013.

    5. Students will be asked to change their password the first time they log in. Be sure to utilize a password that they will remember but that is not easy to guess! 

  2. Once logged in, they will click on "Account" in the menu on the far left, and then "Settings". 


  3. Once on the "Settings" page, students can click on the "Pair with Observer" button on the far right of the screen. 


  4. The code that is generated will then need to be given to the parent/guardian or learning coach that is wishing to be paired with the student and be entered into the Parent Account. 
    **Students will need to generate a pairing code for each observer account that is being paired.

Screenshot - Student account then settings view w box.png
Screenshot - Student settings page - pair with observer button w  box.png

Step 2
Parent Creates Observer Account

  1. Go to
    ***This is a different link that what students utilize to access Canvas.***

  2. Click "Parent of a Canvas User"


  3. Next, you will need to complete the form that shows on the screen. You will need only ONE of the pairing codes initially that were generated by one your students up in step one when setting up a new account.


  4. Once you have completed the form, click on "start participating"

Screenshot - Parent login screen w boxes.png
Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 11.12.26 AM.png

Step 3
Parent pairs with additional students

Once a parent/guardian has created their Observer account and paired it with one student, they can then pair with additional students by completing the following steps: 

  1. Log in to your parent account at

  2. 'Along the left hand side, click "Account", then click "Observing"


  3. In the provided field on the "Observing" page, you can enter the pairing codes for additional students you would like to be paired with. Steps on how students can generate pairing codes are outlines in Step 1 above (the green box).


Screenshot - Parent observing screen access w box and arrows.png
Untitled presentation.png

Enrolling in Parent Orientation

Once a parent/guardian has created their Observer account and paired with their students, they are ready to enroll in the 2022 - 2023 Parent Orientation course! 

  1. Parent must log in to their Canvas acocunt at

  2. In new tab/window, go to

  3. Click "Enroll in Course"

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