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What to Expect

For most families, the transition away from a traditional brick and mortar school to a virtual program comes with many questions about what to expect in this new environment.  The resources below will help you learn more about online learning at NCCA.  

North Carolina Cyber Academy provides a tuition-free online education to students in grades K-12 who reside in North Carolina.  As a public charter school within the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, NCCA provides state aligned curriculum that offers an online alternative to traditional brick and mortar schools.


North Carolina state-certified teachers partner with students and families to guide students through the curriculum.  Teachers provide Live Learning opportunities for students each week, while students work at home to complete daily lessons.

Online Class

Parents/Guardians serve as a Learning Coach for their student, partnering with teachers to ensure their student successfully progresses through the program.  


NCCA teachers and staff work with families to empower children with knowledge, skills, and character traits to be successful in their education and beyond. 

Time Commitment 

Online school offers many advantages but also requires a significant time commitment.  Students at NCCA must meet North Carolina attendance law requirements, just like they would in a traditional brick and mortar school.  Learn more about the expectations of Learning Coaches and students.

Is Online Learning Right for My Student?

There are many reasons why a family might look to online learning for their student. This resource will provide you with some factors to consider when determining if online learning is right for your child, particularly for students in middle and high school.


NCCA utilizes state aligned curriculum to offer a rigorous core curriculum with courses that feature direct-instruction videos with on-screen teachers and students work to complete assignments, performance tasks, and assessments that are both engaging and ensure subject-area mastery.

Student Engagement

Attending school in a virtual environment doesn’t mean that students aren’t able to communicate and socialize with their peers. NCCA offers opportunities for students to meet with other students both virtually and face-to-face throughout the year.

The Role of the Learning Coach

A Learning Coach is a responsible adult who is at home with a student on a daily basis to monitor their progress and assist them in meeting school requirements. It is important to understand the expectations of parents/guardians of students in a virtual environment.

Transitioning to an Online School

Transitioning to a new type of school is a big change for a family.  It takes several weeks for everyone to adjust to new schedules, routines and family expectations. Learn how to help your student transition to online learning. 

Exceptional Children Services

North Carolina Cyber Academy is committed to providing all students with an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from the school’s education program. We provide students with accessibility through resources tailored to each student’s abilities and needs, including assistive technologies and individualized support.

Common Questions

See some of the common questions parents/guardians have when considering if online school is right for their student. 

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