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Helping My Student

One of the benefits of NCCA is the support of state-certified teachers who partner with Learning Coaches to support student success.  Below are some best practices for helping your student succeed at NCCA.

Verifying Work Completion

Be sure that your student is completing all of their school work and completing the necessary percentage in each course per day.  With an established daily schedule and set routines, Learning Coaches can help prevent students from falling behind.

Checking Student Progress

Virtual school requires a higher level of caretaker presence compared to what many parents might experience if their student attends a traditional brick and mortar school.  Ask your student to log into their account and look over their work and progress with them daily.  

Providing Extra Support

If you find that your student is struggling, work with them to determine where they may need more support. If you find your student needs additional support, consider the following steps:

  1. Is your student able to work the required hours per day? Are outside activities or changes in family schedules limiting the amount of time they are able to spend working and therefore are unable to complete their daily lessons and are falling behind?  

  2. Is your student completing work and making progress during their 6 hours of school? Sitting in front of a computer does not always equate to actual progress in a course.  Do they need more Learning Coach support to ensure they are staying on track and avoiding distractions? 

  3. Has your student reached out for help? Oftentimes students hit a roadblock in a specific course and may not feel comfortable asking for help. Help them reach out to the teacher via phone or email for guidance.  Many teachers offer supplementary videos or documents that can help students navigate difficult topics.

  4. Is your student attending Live Learning sessions and live help sessions?  When teachers see students struggling, they often invite them to small group or one-on-one help sessions that focus on specific topics.  If your student’s teacher has invited them to one of these sessions, ensure that your student is attending and participating. 

  5. Speak with your student’s teacher about any difficulties your student is experiencing.  Teachers, students, and Learning Coaches can work together to come up with a plan to help students stay on track and be successful in their coursework.

  6. Work with your student to create a daily plan outlining the work they should be completing each day.  Observe your student as they complete work which will help both you and your student understand where they may be falling behind and how you, your student, and their teacher can work together to get them back on track.

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