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As a public online charter school, North Carolina Cyber Academy (NCCA) is committed to communicating the results of the State Board of Education’s performance scores to enrolled NCCA families.

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Read to Achieve

North Carolina General Statues Chapter 115C-83.7 requires each local school to publish reading proficiency information for the prior school year.

NCCA 2021-22

NCCA 2020-21

NCCA 2019 - 2020 No Results

NCCA 2018-19
NCCA 2017-18
NCCA 2016-17
NCCA 2015-16

NCCA School Improvement Plan


To access each grade band’s School Improvement Plan, you would need to log on to the Indistar link that has been provided below.  Next, enter the appropriate username and password for the school you would like to review.  Once you have entered into Indistar, you will need to click on the Comprehensive Plan Report tab.




Elementary School

Username:   GuestS19133

Password:  GuestS19133


Middle School

Username:  GuestS19134

Password:  GuestS19134


High School

Username:  GuestS19135

Password:  GuestS19135

NCCA Safe to Return to School Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it unprecedented challenges for schools across the nation. As a part of the return to school process, NCCA has written a Safe to Retrun to School Plan detailing how NCCA intends to keep faculty, staff, and students safe.

NCCA as a Targeted Support & Improvement School

North Carolina Cyber Academy, has been designated as a Targeted Support & Improvement Additional Targeted Support (TSI-AT) school by the North Carolina State Board of Education. As stated in ESSA Section 1111(d)(2), North Carolina had to identify schools for targeted support and improvement. TSI-AT schools in North Carolina are those that have a subgroup that is underperforming. The intent of this opportunity is to improve educational outcomes for all students, close achievement gaps, increase equity, and improve the quality of instruction. This informational letter explains additional details and information.

Letter to Parents detailing NCCA's School Performance Grade (Jan 2023)

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