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Creating Successful Routines and Schedules

Successful Learning Coaches have shared that setting a daily routine with an established wake up time and morning routine provides the consistency needed to start the day off on the right foot.  Students are more successful when they have structure and the security of a planned sequence of events during the school day.  

It is important to structure your student’s daily routine around their required Live Learning and help sessions. State-certified teachers will gauge where your student’s strengths and weaknesses are. Live Learning requirements include whole class sessions or supplementary sessions for students who may need a little extra help from their teachers. 

Posting a daily schedule near your student’s work space will ensure that everyone understands the expectations of the school day.  

Your daily schedule should include the following:

  • Begin the day by logging in and previewing daily lessons and assignments 

  • Note the times of Live Learning for the day

  • Check emails from teachers daily for important information about courses/assignments

  • Compete any overdue activities from the previous day

  • Work through each activity in the daily schedule

Students often work best in chucks rather than straight through the day. When structuring your family schedule, consider some of the following factors:

  • What time of day your student is at their best?  Do you have an early riser who works best in the morning or does your student work best later in the day?  

  • Does your student work better with a strict schedule showing them which subject to complete during each time block or are they able to work independently and can work on subjects in an order they decide each day? 

  • Do they need to spend more time on a particular subject that takes them longer and less time on other subjects they tend to move through more quickly?

  • Are there subjects they need increased Learning Coach support on and how does your personal schedule affect when you can work with them more?

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