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Is Online Learning Right for My Student?

There are many reasons why a family might look to online learning for their student. Here are some factors to consider when determining if online learning is right for your child, particularly for students in middle and high school:

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  • My student has the daily support of a Learning Coach to
    encourage them and monitor their progress in their courses.
  • My student is self-motivated and has a strong desire to learn and maintain focus on their educational goals.
  • My student is able to complete work and study without the daily supervision of a teacher.
  • My student understands that online classes often take more time than face-to-face courses.
  • My student is willing and able to communicate with their teacher(s) for regular, required check-ins and to ask for help if needed.
  • My student has the academic readiness and basic reading, writing, math, and computer literacy skills to succeed in online courses.
  • Our family has consistent access to high speed internet which is needed for my student to successfully complete their daily lessons.
  • Our family has the time in our schedule to devote the six (6) hours per day required to meet North Carolina attendance requirements. 
  • Our family can create and follow a schedule which will allow my student to stay on track and catch up if they fall behind.
  • Our family understands that coursework must be completed on time and that noncompletion of work will affect my student’s educational goals and could jeopardize their continued enrollment at NCCA. 
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