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Clubs, Activities, & Field Trips

Attending school in a virtual environment doesn’t mean that students aren’t able to communicate and socialize with their peers. NCCA offers opportunities for students to meet with other students both virtually and face-to-face throughout the year.

Virtual Engagement

NCCA works to promote cooperative learning in Live Learning sessions. Students work in small groups during Live Learning sessions to complete activities and discuss their work.  Students can access microphones and webcams to share information with their teacher and classmates.

Some grade levels offer opportunities for students to log into an online classroom and participate in a virtual “recess” where students can use webcams and microphones to chat with other students under the supervision of NCCA teachers.


Field Trips/Meetups

NCCA offers field trips across North Carolina.  These are opportunities for students and families to explore local attractions, meet other NCCA families, and build relationships within the NCCA community.  


Field trips are organized by NCCA teachers as well as parents who serve as community liaisons.  NCCA also conducts Face to Face Learning Opportunities throughout the year to bring students and staff together for learning activities.  


Clubs and Activities

NCCA offers several clubs/activities to allow opportunities for  academic and social experiences among students.  Students can check out some of the clubs offered at NCCA or start their own!
National Honor Society                  National Junior Honor Society
Student Government                     Writing Club
Black History Club                            Chorus Club
Book Club                                            Cooking Club
High School Game Nights             Virtual Talent Show
High School Jr/Sr Prom                   College Fair

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