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District Administration


Special Assistant & Projects Coordinator

Receptionist & Office Manager

Chief Of Staff


Student Services & Community Engagement Officer

Director of Exceptional Children

Director of Student Support Services

Director of Technology & Innovation


Director of Data & Accountability

State Testing Coordinator



Technology & Innovation Coordinator



Teacher Support Coordinator


Student Information Coordinator


Multi-Lingual Learner Coordinator


Academically/Gifted Education Coordinator

Martez Hill

Tonya Daniels

Dapheney Hunter


James "Bo" Mullins

Leslie Bryant

Crystal Vail

Dr. Maggie Bush


Kris Yerkie

Dr. Ashley Cooper

Kelli Hulsey


Monica Hill


Ms. Debra Hunter

Andre McEntire

Naomi Monson

Amanda Sieg

School Administration

Elementary School Principal                                                   

Elementary School Assistant Principal



Middle School Principal

Middle School Assistant Principal

High School Principal

High School Assistant Principal

High School Assistant Principal

Micah Copeland

Whitney Pratt

Clarissa Fleming


Cher Perry


Chris Vecchione

Christy Scott

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