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State Testing

As a public charter school in North Carolina, NCCA students are required to participate in all state mandated academic assessments.  Information on these assessments can be found in the student handbook and on the school calendars.  

Some of these assessments include the 

  • The Beginning of Grade 3 Reading assessment for all 3rd graders during the 3rd week of school

  • End of Grade assessments for all students in 3rd through 8th grade in Reading and Math and the Science EOG for 5th and 8th grade students during the last 10 days of the school year

  • End of course assessments for specific high school courses including Math 1, Math 3, Biology, English 2 and CTE electives which occur during the last 5 days of the fall and spring semesters

  • The PreACT for all 10th graders in the fall and the ACT for all 11th graders in the the spring

  • WorkKeys testing for certain 12th grade students who qualify as CTE concentrators

  • Yearly assessments for multi-language learners, including the WIDA screener for new students within 30 days of their enrollment and ACCESS testing for all ML students in the spring

  • AP Testing for high school students enrolled in AP courses, typically held in May

  • Other assessments described in the student handbook and school calendars

These assessments are required to be held in person.  Families will need to make arrangements to take their student to one of the NCCA test centers located throughout the state.  There will be at least 1 test site in each of the 8 NC state educational districts. Families will be sent a form to select the testing site their student will attend approximately one month before the testing event. 

North Carolina does not have an opt-out policy for state testing. State Board policy ACCT-021 requires all students enrolled in a school to participate in the state assessment program. NCCA takes these assessments, and the valuable information they provide, very seriously, and expects students/families to do so as well. Failure to participate in State Testing may result in a student being administratively withdrawn from NCCA. 

In addition to these, throughout the school year, students will participate in district mandated assessments taken virtually at home such as i-Ready and NC Check-In Benchmark assessments.   Assessment results are analyzed by staff to support data driven instructional decisions for student success. Students are required to participate in all benchmark and course assessments in order to provide a complete academic picture of their progress towards content mastery.

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