The mission of North Carolina Cyber Academy is to empower children with knowledge, skills, and character traits to be successful in their education through an engaging, personalized learning experience in a full-time virtual school.

NCCA utilizes Edgenuity’s state aligned curriculum to offer a rigorous core curriculum with courses that feature direct-instruction videos with on-screen teachers and students work to complete assignments, performance tasks, and assessments that are both engaging and ensure subject-area mastery.

Elementary and middle school students participate in general education requirements along with electives and are offered opportunities for advancement as part of the NCCA Academically or Intellectually gifted (AIG) program, including the option to participate in high school credit earning courses during middle school.   


Courses at the high school level range from foundational courses for those students needing a little extra help to honors and Advanced Placement courses in a variety of subjects.  Students in the NCCA high school can choose from over 65 elective courses, including courses in 5 different World Languages and more than 10 Advanced Placement courses.  The NCCA high school also works with students who wish to take courses at their local community college as part of the North Carolina Career and College Promise Program that allows North Carolina juniors and seniors in good academic standing to take community college courses tuition free. 

Check out the sample courses below for a quick peek at the types of courses NCCA students will experience.  

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Math courses spark excitement for learning by engaging students in mathematical thinking and practice.



Science courses bring scientific concepts to life through engaging instruction.


  Social Studies

Social studies courses promote critical thinking about our past, present, and future world.