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PowerSchool Parent Portal

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PowerSchool Parent Portal

PowerSchool is the student information system for the state of North Carolina. Final course grades, attendance, test scores, and student schedules can all be viewed inside of PowerSchool. Students can access PowerSchool from the Clever portal. Once in Clever, students can click on "NCEdCloud", then click on "PowerStudent".

Students: Access PowerSchool through the Classlink portal.


Setting up a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account

  1. Go to

  2. Click on "Create Account" if you do not already have an account created. If you have an account, sign in on the sign in tab.


  3. Click "Create Account: again


  4. Complete the required information in the top part of the form


  5. Under the "Link Students to Account", complete the following fields:

    1. "Student Name"     
      This is your students legal first and last name. 

    2. "Access ID" 
      This is the prefix to your students school issued email address with the prefix "PS" on the front. 
      For example, if your students school issued email is, then the Access ID you would need to enter would be PSjohn.smith. 

    3. "Access Password"     
      This is the letters "Ncca" followed by your students birthday in the following format: m/d/yyyy including slashes and without leading zeroes
      For example, a STs birthday that is February 4, 2003 would be entered as Ncca2/4/2003. 


  6. Repeat step 5 in order to enter all the students you would like to link to your parent/guardian account. 

  7. Click “Enter”


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